Global Industry Spotlight – Prerana Dhawan

Global Industry Spotlight is a conversational series focused on providing resources and insight for the creative entrepreneur. Prerana Dhawan is the cofounder and CMO of Streo, a two-sided platform for artists to live stream and archive their performances for a global audience to watch unlimited events on-demand for a monthly subscription. Prerana has over nine years of experience at multinational media company Group M where she led consumer engagement campaigns for Pepsi. She won two PepsiCo Star Awards for leading […]

(WEBINAR) Leveraging Lyrics: Extract Value From Your Songs, New and Old

Ask not what you can do for your lyrics – ask what your lyrics can do for you! Whether you’re a label with a large catalog or an independent artist who owns their own songs, your lyrics have the potential to bring in money you may be missing out on. In this webinar, LyricFind Founder & CEO, Darryl Ballantyne, will discuss how artists and labels are using catalog analysis and lyric videos to unlock additional revenue from their songs. He’ll […]


A single-session workshop focused on identifying financial goals and getting specific about the flow of money in our lives. Participants will learn simple strategies for tracking income and expenses in a way that makes sense for performing arts and entertainment industry professionals who don’t always earn and spend the same way each month, and get connected with resources and an action plan to take the next step. PLEASE NOTE:  In the spirit of building connection and community, we kindly ask all attendees […]


(WEBINAR) Listening Fiesta with Michael Gross

Join us Thursday, December 2nd at 4pm PT / 7pm ET. Bio MG is a polymath executive producer, creative director and music supervisor, with two decades experience focusing on the intersecting fields of media arts, technology and branded content. Having cut his teeth at ad agencies in his native Los Angeles as an integrated producer, he moved to London in 2013 to focus on opportunities in fashion & music. Upon returning to California, he’s held senior leadership posts client-side with […]


(WEBINAR) Industry Sessions: Split Sheet Workshop

When an average of 9 songwriters work on every hit song, how can you keep track of everyone’s credits- and make sure they get paid? That’s where split sheets come in. Learn how they work in this hands-on workshop! REGISTER HERE


(WEBINAR) Understanding the 5C’s of credit from a Lender’s perspective

Presented by CIBC Bank USA Whether you’re a business owner or thinking about starting your business; you will learn what you need to know about bank financing products during this discussion. We will talk about credit, capacity, collateral, character, capitalization and loans, lines of credit and other available resources that can help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Register for the 12/3 Webinar 


(WEBINAR) How To Utilize Free NielsenIQ Data for Sales and Investor Presentations

Are you looking for data to use as part of buyer and investor presentations but don’t know where to start? Our exclusive data partnership with NielsenIQ includes complimentary access to Byzzer, a user-friendly retail analytics platform designed specifically for small CPG companies. Byzzer will provide you with the data you need to increase distribution and grow your market share. Join Kelsey Michel, VP of Product from Byzzer, and Sherry Frey, Health & Wellness Industry Leader, for a live interactive demo of the Byzzer platform and find out how you […]



It has been an unbelievable year in so many ways!  Join CFBN for our last event of the calendar year, and celebrate with us (virtually!) all of the trends and changes that make this a year we will never forget.    Join us as we hear a keynote talk from Mike Kostyo, Datassential’s Senior Editor and Trendologist, on the trends that influenced us in 2021, and what will drive us all in 2022.  BOXES ARE SOLD OUT FOR THIS EVENT Then, […]

Free – $15

(WEBINAR) Finding Funding-Where to Go When the Bank Says No

Presented by Andrew Fogaty, from the 36Squared Business Incubator and GSDC, Gabriella Bomben from the Women's Business Development Center and Hussain Bhanpuri from CIBC Where to go when the bank says NO?! Need funding to start or grow your business? Then this event is for you! Andrew Fogaty, from the 36Squared Business Incubator and GSDC, will be joined by Gabriella Bomben from the Women's Business Development Center and Hussain Bhanpuri from CIBC to discuss alternatives to traditional bank lending programs. […]


(WEBINAR) Tour:Smart – Touring 101

Dive into the basics of touring with the man who wrote "The Bible of Touring"!!! About this event Be sure to register for the zoom class session here! Touring Live Entertainment was the first class I taught at Columbia College Chicago 17 years ago and it has been something I've been doing pretty much all of my life. This stuff is so very important to me - not just because it is the way, the reason, that my insane collective […]