(WEBINAR) Female Founders & Funders: The Benefit of Founder Programs

Join us for a conversation with Kate Yoo McCrery, Director of Programs at digitalundivided, and Antonia Dean, Director of Pipeline Diversity, Comcast NBCUniversal as they discuss the benefits of founder focused programs designed explicitly for startups at any stage. This session will help you pick the right program for you and your team. REGISTER HERE


(WEBINAR) Partnering to Drive Success: Collaboration Agreements and Protections

Led by Heather Harper of Startup Legal Shop, this class will take you through the process of partnering with larger, established companies from the perspective of pilot and collaboration agreements and integrations. This class will teach you what larger companies look for when looking to partner, how to evaluate risk, protect yourself and your business, and set expectations of delivering proportional value. REGISTER HERE


(WEBINAR) 10 Legal Tips to Help Small Businesses

Presented by Lema Khorshid, Fuksa Khorshid, LLC The legal component of a business sets the foundation and structure for a sustainable business. A business climate is everchanging, but valuable legal tips are a resource. Learn the top 10 legal tips for small business success through an interactive webinar. The Q&A set up will provide useful and practical tips on legal essentials such as incorporation, contracts, and more. Register for the 9/29 Webinar 


(WEBINAR) LIVE@LIFT: A World Without Email with Cal Newport

New York Times bestselling author Cal Newport is coming to LIFT Labs for a virtual fireside chat with Comcast’s Chief Technology Officer, Matt Zelesko. You don’t want to miss this insightful discussion about themes in Newport’s new book, “A World Without Email,” touching on the future of technology and how it will help us achieve a more intentional and productive work life. Save a virtual seat for this exclusive event! REGISTER HERE Cal Newport Author, Georgetown Professor Cal Newport is an associate professor of […]


(WEBINAR) B2B Sales: Cold Calling Workshop

The sales process is crucial to a start-ups growth, whether your company is big or small. Cold Calling can have an immediate impact on your bottom line, but most people don't know where to begin. Led by Maureen Wozniak of the BBB, this class will cover the basics of cold calling including: how to get to the decision maker, how to close more business, and what to consider when giving pricing. REGISTER HERE


(Webinar) Global Industry Spotlight – Harrison Jones

Global Industry Spotlight is a conversational series focused on providing resources and insight for the creative entrepreneur. Bio: Harrison Jones is a Michigan native and current Londoner. He has spent his career in international economic development with a specific focus on supporting businesses that make our world more creative and sustainable. He studied Comparative Cultures and Arabic at Michigan State University with a focus on improving the lives of people around the world via culturally informed economic policies. He has […]

(Webinar) -Trademark Law and Protecting Your Brand

This workshop will explore trademark law and help founders protect their brand's trademark rights. About this event: The purpose of the workshop will be to explore trademark law and help founders both analyze the risks of potential trademark infringement suits by third parties as well as how to best protect the company's own trademark rights in its brand names. We will discuss how to conduct a preliminary trademark search to identify other companies’ existing trademark rights in a proposed mark. […]


It's an exciting time to be working in the food & beverage industry. Change is everywhere, and the industry is literally reinventing itself in front of our eyes with emerging brands that meet new consumer needs and desires. At this event, we will look at some of today's hottest industry trends: plant-based, upcycling, gluten-free, permissible indulgences, and others - and how emerging brands are bringing these trends to life in new and exciting ways. Working with the Québec Government Office in […]

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(WEBINAR) Content Marketing for Creatives

Learn how to build a sustainable and manageable content marketing strategy and get your questions answered by industry experts. 
Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating and distributing content for a targeted audience online. 
 Content marketing increases brand awareness and attracts new customers using free and valuable content. Moreover, a strong content marketing strategy can foster fierce brand loyalty among existing customers. 2112 and the Center for Creative Entrepreneurship are proud to present the virtual panel, “Content Marketing for […]


(WEBINAR) Discovery and Promotion in the Age of Metadata

Accurate metadata is the glue that binds together the entire music ecosystem. Shaun Alexander, Jaxsta’s Head of Growth, discusses the role that verified credits play in discovering & promoting talent, and why it is essential that you take control of your data, and the data of those who you represent. REGISTER HERE