(WEBINAR) The Re-emergence of Venture-Backed Hardtech: Why Now is the Time for Investing

Now as much as ever, we’ve seen that innovation in hardtech – in areas including medical technology, aerospace and building management – is essential to our health and economy. Yet, software investment continues to outpace hardtech at a pace of 12-1. This inequality made sense a decade ago but is a missed opportunity today; and one that the Midwest can benefit from. REGISTER HERE   Moderator: Pete Wilkins: Managing Director, Hyde Park Angels Panelists: Beckett Jackson: Investing Director, Boeing Ginger […]


(WEBINAR) Executive Talks: George Tillman, Jr.

George Tillman, Jr. is a critically acclaimed screenwriter, director, and film producer who has been involved in powerhouse projects like BARBERSHOP, SOUL FOOD, MEN OF HONOR, and NOTORIOUS. In addition to directing features, Tillman has directed numerous television projects including Starz' POWER, Netflix/Marvel's LUKE CAGE, and NBC's dramedy THIS IS US. Tillman’s latest feature film is the critically acclaimed THE HATE U GIVE that opened to rave reviews in October 2018. The HATE U GIVE is the adaptation of The […]

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(WEBINAR) Financing Your Business

Presented by CIBC Bank Whether you’re a business owner or thinking about starting your business; you will learn what you need to know about bank financing during this discussion.  We will talk about loans, lines of credit and other available resources that can help you on your entrepreneurial journey. Register for the Friday, 9/18


(WEBINAR) CCE Global Industry Talks: Discovering TunePad

Join individuals on the cutting edge of Creative Tech in this Music Technology conversation with Michael Horn, Melanie West and Izaiah Wallace. Michael Horn is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Learning Sciences at Northwestern University where he directs the Tangible Interaction Design and Learning (TIDAL) Lab. Michael serves as the Program Coordinator for the Learning Sciences PhD Program at Northwestern and is co-Founder of the new Joint PhD Program in Computer Science and Learning Sciences. Melanie West: Melanie […]


(WEBINAR) Dance-Safe Spaces in Chicago: Fall 2020/Winter 2021

Join us Friday, September 18 for an open conversation on dance-safe spaces in Chicago: Fall 2020 / Winter 2021. For anyone with space to share, looking for space, wondering about accessibility and equity in Chicago dance spaces, safety protocols for reopening, creative partnerships (tennis courts, gyms, theaters, auditoriums...), and other dance space related issues. REGISTER HERE


(WEBINAR) Why Go International? Why Export? Why Now?

This webinar is for both new and established businesses who are considering expanding their businesses into exporting. The webinar will explore effective reasons for exporting and why now is a good time to consider this component into your business model. REGISTER HERE



Color of Music Collective is excited to bring you our next panel on Monday, September 21. This upcoming panel will highlight the journey of artist discovery and the evolving role of A&R in today’s industry and what’s in store for rising A&R representatives getting into the music business. REGISTER HERE


(WEBINAR) Film Fundraising During Pandemic Times with Yvonne Welbon

Filmmaker Yvonne Welbon talks about film fundraising in this time period. Join us in a talk with Yvonne Welbon, founder & CEO of Sisters in Cinema and senior creative consultant at Chicken and Egg Pictures. Both organizations support women and gender non-conforming media makers. Yvonne has tips for this time period - and always useful "must do's" for successful proposals and creating fundraising strategies. Yvonne Welbon is a Senior Creative Consultant at Chicken & Egg Pictures. She is an award-winning […]


(WEBINAR) Aligning Your Marketing and Sales Strategies to Accelerate Growth

Statistics show that one of the reasons most small businesses fail is not promoting the business effectively. To be a successful small business owner in today's digital-first world, you have to understand how to use the right marketing and sales strategies to get your products/services in front of customers that have the best chance of buying.  But, with such a small team (sometimes a team of one) trying to execute both marketing and sales at the same time can be overwhelming. The […]


(WEBINAR) Capital Raise Series – Friends, Family & Fools

Are you facing a new capital raise for your startup? Join Nordic Innovation House - New York’s first Capital Raise series, Friends, Family & Fools– and one of to explore the highs and lows of tapping your network for investors. RSVP HERE