(WEBINAR) HOPE Inside: Plan Your Financial Journey

Start your journey to Financial Wellness today! Together we will cover the basics of CREDIT, MONEY MANAGEMENT & BUDGETING Whatever your situation, we can help you get started in the right direction. In this short session, we will talk about the essentials of good credit. And cover the BASICS on how to fix it! Join us today! REGISTER HERE


(WEBINAR) The Next Evolution in Health, Wellness & Fitness: Virtual and Augmented Reality

A significant challenge for many in quarantine is how it is impacting physical, psychological, and emotional health. Inactive lifestyles due to stay-at-home orders can lead to decline in health and wellness. Simple acts of standing and stretching can be immensely helpful for physical health in contrast to sitting. Meditation and access to therapy can have significant impacts on your mental health. Immersive Technologies have been crucial during the pandemic for providing more – socially distanced – opportunities for people to […]


(WEBINAR) Hospitality PR: Elevate your Brand Like a Pro

Looking to amp up your public relations game or simply looking for a new marketing strategy that works for your travel/tourism/ hospitality business? Join us on April 8 from 11-12 for a free webinar that will leave you with pro-level insights, resources and tactics that you can apply directly to your business! We will be discussing public relation trends in the travel and tourism industry and provide actionable insights that you can apply immediately! Register Here


(WEBINAR) Get Music Now! Accelerating Time to Market For Apps

Music is often an afterthought for businesses as they prepare to launch apps and digital products. First you have to get the deals done, then there’s the process of figuring out ingestion, streaming, and paying out rightsholders. We’ll discuss how Adaptr can help businesses get to market faster and with less up front investment. Presented By: Jeff Yasuda — CEO, Feed Media Group Bryn Boughton — Head of Platform and Licensing, Feed Media Group REGISTER HERE


(WEBINAR) Digital Marketing Workshop to Help You Fill Your Virtual Concerts and Events

Mini-workshop for artists and creatives within arts, culture and entertainment to help you fill your virtual concerts, festivals and events. Fee: Free for ADEM Members $27 for non-members  Register via Eventbrite: About this Event Every month we host a monthly marketing session for our members in the Arts Dynamics Entrepreneur Mastermind to go through the latest trends and updates in the digital marketing space. This month we are going to focus in on virtual events, and how to sell tickets […]

Free – $27

(WEBINAR) Writing Believable Couple Chemistry

WRITER'S WORKSHOP: In this hour-long session, you will explore with us ways to make your onscreen couple POP with chemistry! Movie-goers and reviewers often talk about the onscreen chemistry between costars, but that unique chemistry between potential lovers, an old married couple, or even two characters forming a friendship has to exist on the page before it gets handed over to the actors. If we don’t care about the characters and we don’t have a burning desire to see them […]

(WEBINAR) 1776 & UCEDC Presents: Marketing Research Tools for Small Business

In this workshop, you’ll gain a practical understanding of marketing research techniques and tools.  You’ll learn how to develop a marketing strategy by utilizing free resources to access customer demographics, spending habits, and possible trends in your industry.  There will be particular emphasis on how to target your best potential customers and minimize wasted exposure, helping you deliver your products and services cost effectively. Discover how to  put ReferenceUSA and DemographicsNOW to work for you Learn how business librarians can help […]



Join us for a workshop led by Brian Hall and Kathleen Marcell. For any seed-stage technology company, it’s never too early to instill a customer success ethos. Developing great customer success – as an order of business second only to building a great product – leads to a higher Series A company valuation and faster realization of product/market fit. The workshop will include the following: The components of customer success Why customer success should be a focus now for early […]


(WEBINAR) Radical Transparency

In this webinar, we explore some of the tested techniques and high-value outputs of deeply synergetic client relationships. REGISTER HERE