(WEBINAR) Project Innovate

Join us on June 23 from 8 - 9 a.m. CT as the founders of Coinigy, Frontdesk and LeaseCrunch discuss their journey from innovative idea to an operating business and the lessons learned along the way. REGISTER HERE About Project Innovate Project Innovate offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and deepen their entrepreneurial knowledge at our events. These seminars cover a wide range of topics designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business and connect to other resources. We look forward to helping you form, fund […]



Having discussed the positive and negative impacts of failing to track your key metrics, you will learn This workshop is designed to teach entrepreneurs how to create an infrastructure (process, tools, messaging) that will allow your sales team to be most effective. Each of your product features will be quantified by its direct (or indirect) impact to the customer. We will discuss how your messaging needs to be adjusted to align with the most impactful features. We will discuss the […]



Structure is of course just logistics - in other words, "this happens here for that particular reason". But story isn't just a series of beats. Story is emotion that rises and falls due to a trajectory of character actions. Even though that sounds extremely technical, it's actually a very fluid and malleable way to look at any story. Audiences want to go for a ride, but when they know what to expect along the way, it's the difference between a lazy […]



LEARN ABOUT DANCER SERVICES AT THE ACTORS FUND The Actors Fund offers resources to dancers at every age and stage of their career.  Our national program enables dancers from all disciplines to define their own career possibilities and to develop the skills necessary to manage their careers within dance, and when needed, outside of dance. We help dancers: To explore and expand employment, entrepreneurial & supplemental income streams to help them thrive at every stage of their dance career To pursue training in a new field through Career Transition For Dancers (CTFD) scholarships for certification, undergraduate and/or graduate-level […]


(WEBINAR) Valuing Your IP

Are you looking for a key formula that can drive your company to success? Valuing your IP could be that very engine to move you forward. This class will introduce you to the reasons why entrepreneurs may benefit from valuing their intellectual property. Join Scott Weingust and Matthew Vold of Stout, LLC, as he takes you through how to think about valuing your intellectual property. REGISTER HERE


(WEBINAR) Music Forward Industry Sessions: For the Culture

The relationship between music and culture is inseparable. Music is a direct expression of a culture's collective and its parts. Join us for a discussion with industry leaders and taste-makers using their voices to tell the stories of their culture through music. REGISTER HERE


(WEBINAR) A Dialogue About Leadership Styles

Molly Lamb, DrPH Candidate and Executive Director for the UIS Center for State Policy and Leadership will facilitate a dialogue about leadership styles in this interactive session. REGISTER HERE A little about the presenter... Molly Lamb is the Executive Director of the Center for State Policy and Leadership at UIS. Previously, Molly served as Deputy Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health's Office of Health Protection. She is currently completing her doctorate in public health leadership at UIC, holds a graduate degree in […]


(WEBINAR) Business Transformation Post-COVID

Presented By David Johnson, Abraxas Group LLC Many small and midsized businesses have seen the key underlying assumptions of their business models nullified by the coronavirus pandemic. This webinar will focus on helping business owners and leaders execute a successful business transformation that will allow companies so impacted to chart a course back to profitability and growth. Register for the 6/25 Webinar 

(WEBINAR) Seeking a Microloan with Kiva: What Makes Your Kiva Profile Stand Out? 5 Themes to Help Prepare for Success!

This month we launched the Greater Chicago Kiva Hub at the Women’s Business Development Center! As a Kiva Hub, we can further invest in the success of small businesses and economic inclusion in our community with Kiva’s 0% interest microloans ranging from $1k – $15k. Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005, with a mission to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive. In this workshop, you will learn what makes a high-quality Kiva application, the expectations that […]



Join our June keynote with content strategy authority Margot Bloomstein to learn how marketers can move beyond buzzwords, and specifically how writers and designers can lead the way. RSVP HERE  

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