(WEBINAR) WHO KNEW The Smartest People In The Room – Dmitri Vietze and Dani Deahl

This one could be described accurately as "two hip, creative geniuses walk into a bar...." Both are well known and highly respected entrepreneurs in the industry and we could not be more excited to present this amazing pair as our guests on The Smartest People In The Room. Dmitri Vietze is one of the music industry's great storytellers, in the most positive sense of the word. He is the founder and CEO of Rock Paper Scissors, one of the most prolific […]


(WEBINAR) Nuestra Historia: A Panel with Latinx Womxn in Film

Latinx in film lack representation. According to the report titled Latinos in Film: Erasure on Screen & Behind the Camera Across 1,200 Popular Movies, across the 100 top grossing movies from 2007-2018, only 3% of films featured leads or co leads with Latino actors. In regards to content creators behind the camera, “only 4% of directors were Latinos out of the 1,335 holding top jobs. Forty-eight of those directors were male and 1 was female”. Representation matters! Come hear from […]


(WEBINAR) LIVE@LIFT: Harnessing Original Thinking with Adam Grant

According to Organizational Psychologist and bestselling author Adam Grant, the most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed along the way. As one of the world’s ten most influential management thinkers, Adam’s made an entire career of doing just that—helping others find the motivation to live a more generous and creative life. During this LIVE@LIFT: Harnessing Original thinking, he’ll sit down with Loren Hudson, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Comcast Cable, to discuss what it […]


(WEBINAR) Everything You Need To Know About Business Insurance

Presented by Sandra Cavato Insurance Agency In this session, attendees will learn the coverages needed for their business. We'll discuss the right questions to ask your insurance professional and how to protect yourself and your business against lawsuits. Register for 9/22 Webinar


(WEBINAR) Fireside Chat with Mary Rahmani, Director of Partnerships at Triller and Moon Projects (former Head of Music at TikTok)

The rapid rise of short-form video has turned platforms like TikTok into a goldmine of talent. Musicians are inventing creative new ways to grow their audiences using these tools, whether by directly promoting their own work, collaborating with other creators, or capitalizing on viral in-app trends. Short-form video expert Mary Rahmani is the head of Moon Projects, a new multidisciplinary creative agency and record label situated at the intersection of the music industry and the creator economy. Rahmani is also […]


(Webinar) Global Industry Spotlight – Daphne Lora

Global Industry Spotlight is a conversational series focused on providing resources and insight for the creative entrepreneur. Daphne advises international companies in the Creative space looking to expand in France. She specializes in growth strategy, go-to-market, partnerships and is the former editor of the Creative Paris Region newsletter. Prior to joining Choose Paris Region, Daphné worked for the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in NYC. She also has a background in event and TV production Register here

(WEBINAR) Creative Hustle: a Stanford talk

Human beings have always been creative hustlers. Whether it's social entrepreneurs engineering new ways to harvest renewable energy, independent musicians figuring out how to reach global audiences through social media, or our ancient ancestors huddled together, cold and in the dark, figuring out for the first time that rubbing two sticks together fast enough would spark a fire... To be human is to bleed an amalgam of imagination and ambition. Why is creative hustle important today? We live in a […]


(WEBINAR) Record Ready: Hit the Studio with Confidence & Clarity

Entering the studio is an exciting time for any musician; it is a creative sanctuary and an incubator for inspiration and delightful new ideas. However, it can also be a daunting undertaking if you're unsure of what to expect. Join producer, engineer, mixer, and Professional Sound Assistant Editor Andrew Leyenhorst and special guests as they discuss the wide world of studio recording, the many moving parts and pieces involved in a session, and best practices for showing up prepared as […]


(WEBINAR) A Novel Approach for Streaming Concerts and Ticketing: improving monetization and quality with Eluvio LIVE

The recent global shift towards streaming live events will become a permanent way to amplify and complement in-person concert performances moving forward. After powering such concerts for the Black Eyed Peas, and other musical performances, this presentation and Q&A with Emmy-award winning technologist, Michelle Munson, will discuss new technological innovations that help tackle some of the biggest financial challenges and opportunities in online ticketed performances. Specifically, Ms. Munson will talk about how artists/publishers of all sizes can save costs and […]