Global Industry Spotlight – Brian Sykes

Global Industry Spotlight is a conversational series focused on providing resources and insight for the creative entrepreneur. Brian Sykes is the Project Manager of Insomniac Studios and the co-owner of ISPro Academy. He has dedicated his life to artist development and music business education. Insomniac Studios is currently offering classes for mixing, producing and music business.He hopes to bring more opportunities like this event to showcase Chicago artists in the future. REGISTER


76 Forward Presents: Revolutionary Conversations featuring Danya Sherman

Revolutionary Conversations is a fireside chat series that gives you an inside look at entrepreneurs who are making an impact in their community and industry. We'll host monthly conversations to hear personal stories, successes and lessons learned from various entrepreneurs.   Meet this month's guest, Danya Sherman, Founder, CEO and Inventor of KnoNap and the winner of the 2021 76 Forward & CVS Customer Experience Accelerator! REGISTER HERE About Danya Sherman: Danya Sherman is an entrepreneur passionate about combining human […]


(WEBINAR) WHO KNEW The Smartest People In The Room Jessica Powell and Hilary Rosen

This is a dream team pairing of two of the most impressive people we've ever presented in this series. Jessica Powell is CEO and co-founder of Audioshake, which uses AI to open up new revenue opportunities for musicians and the music industry. Prior to that, she held senior executive roles at Google and Badoo, covering everything from communications and marketing, to product management, business intelligence and biz dev. Hilary Rosen is a well-known strategist who effectively navigates the worlds of media, strategic communications and […]