Global Industry Spotlight – Turo Pekari

Global Industry Spotlight is a conversational series focused on providing resources and insight for the creative entrepreneur. Bio: Turo is a music innovation specialist, creative technologist & community builder based in Helsinki, Finland. He currently leads innovation, international operations, and insights at Music Finland and runs an accelerator program for music tech companies. Turo is also co-founder of the European music innovation network Music Tech Europe. Being specialized in rights tech, metadata and decentralization and having previously worked at Finnish […]


Join us for our first ISA Presents of 2022 as we talk with producer/director Liz Manashil (Hulu, PBS) and her co-host of the Making Movies is Hard podcast, producer, Alrik Bursell (NFL, Comcast Xfinity, HBO). On their podcast, they discuss independent filmmaking, everything from writing, producing and directing to working as crew. But also about struggling with rejection, self-doubt and everything else that comes with pursuing a career in film.  We are going to talk about all of these, but really dig into: How to get your project off the ground  Best […]