(WEBINAR) Goal Setting Workshop 2022

You might be looking at your 2021 goals and laughing or crying (or some combination of the two). Start 2022 off in a way that prioritizes creative success —along with balancing all other areas in your life. Join Seed&Spark and The Light Leaks for our Goal Setting Workshop. We'll provide you with the tools to create realistic goals and a plan to achieve them. (No more vague New Year's Eve brainstorming or writing resolutions in a journal you're sure to […]


(VIRTUAL EVENT) The Next Evolution of Safety, Security, & Social Responsibility

When creating spaces in which humans interact with one another, it is important to consider the sense of place that they experience. As immersive technologies create new environments for gathering, community and how people feel about their safety, security, and social responsibility will also be redefined. Especially in a world that is still reeling from a global lockdown, we must stand with our convictions and define how humanity will be celebrated, cherished, and protected, in all walks. Join us January […]