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Weebinar – a presentation of new app weeBID by founder Greg Spero

WeeBID is the first fan-initiated crowdfunding platform, where fans submit ideas to creators, and commit small amounts of money to crowdfund those ideas. This gives creators a list of exactly what their fans want, and an easy way to monetize their ideas, while enabling fans to leverage the crowd to get what they want from creators.
Pianist, composer and producer Greg Spero is one of the most captivating young artists to emerge on today’s creative music scene. Quincy Jones once heralded him as a “…beautiful human being and artist who knows how to play from his soul.” Greg is the mastermind behind the rhythmically-charged, groove-oriented and genre-bending SPIRIT FINGERS. The band’s newest album PEACE was released in June of 2020 and received rave reviews from All About Jazz, UK Vibe, London Jazz News, and more. Prior to SPIRIT FINGERS, Greg was the long-time pianist for pop artist Halsey. During his time with Halsey he appeared on Saturday Night Live and Ellen. On top of that, Greg was picked up by Vince Wilburn Jr. to tour with the Miles Electric Band. Today, Greg is continuing to work on his music while also exploring other projects to help better the music industry landscape for artists. His most recent musical project, Tiny Room Sessions, is a series of singles released by Greg on a weekly basis with a variety of artists from different genres including TRANSVIOLET, Lido, Terreon “Tank” Gully, MonoNeon, and many more. Tiny Room Sessions is a great example of his musical prowess, with Greg aiding in production and arrangement while performing in almost every track. In 2020, Greg also founded Tiny Records, an imprint label under Ropeadope Records breaking new artists like R&B/soul singer-songwriter Carolyn Samuelson and folk band The Heartstrings Project.
In 2020, Spero founded WeeBID, a new app for artists to connect with their fans. WeeBID flips the crowdfunding model on its head by allowing fans to initiate crowdfundable ideas for artists. It gives fans a say in the creations of their favorite artists, and helps artists better understand and monetize their fanbase. WeeBID is scheduled for launch in early 2021 and has gained attention from the arts and tech communities.


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06. 01. 2021
12:00 pm - 12:45 pm