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(WEBINAR) WHO KNEW The Smartest People In The Room Steve Bloom and Fiona Bloom (no relation :-)

They share the same, unique last name and they are both at the very top of their respective fields. But they are not related. And we promise they will delight our audience as they discuss music and cannabis and a few other topics.
Steve Bloom is one of the most well-known journalists and well-respected experts in the cannabis industry. Among his many credits include being the former editor of High Times, and recipient of NORML’s Media & Culture Award, Cannabis MVP by the Cannabis Business Awards and New York NORML Activism award. In short, he is the unquestioned high priest of cannabis activism and journalism.
Fiona Bloom is a world-renown publicist and PR expert with A-list clients throughout the music industry.  She’s a music entrepreneur and she advises and develops careers for some of the most recognized figures in music and entertainment. In her near 30-year career, she has developed expertise across most major segments within the industry; promotions, publicity, radio, event planning/venue booking, marketing, host, curator, lecturer, and tastemaker.
Best of all, they are our guests on The Smartest People In The Room on Thursday, April 15 at 2:00 pm ET. 
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04. 15. 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm