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(Webinar) Value Proposition Canvas: Addressing your Customer Needs

Having a clear value proposition is a vital component of success for any business– do you know what yours is?

In this interactive workshop, Human-Centered Designers Emily Blazer and Alex Spiroff from Do Tank will teach you how to use the Value Proposition Designer, a classic design thinking tool that illuminates the elements of a winning value proposition. Attendees will use the canvas to explore 1) a customer group’s ‘pains, gains, and jobs-to-be-done’ and 2) the way those link to a company’s products/services, ‘pain relievers,’ and ‘gain creators.’ The elements of this canvas ultimately enable teams to summarize their value proposition in a single, compelling sentence—using the VPD Ad-Lib tool.

The Value Proposition Designer helps entrepreneurs, founders, and internal innovators explore, define, and clearly state the value their business creates for customers—the pains it relieves, the gains it creates, and the objectives it helps fulfill. When users make the most of the VPD, it goes beyond the current state to be a part of ideation, experimentation, and the design of exciting future offerings.


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Event Details
09. 13. 2022
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm