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(WEBINAR) UX / UI / XR Consultation – Dominique Wu

In this meetup, Dominique will give you feedback/critics for your website, project, digital product, and AR, VR, MR products. This meetup will be recorded and published on the different social media platforms. If you want your products to be openly discussed and get a good amount of feedback from different people, this is a good time to show.

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*About Dominique Wu:

I am a senior UX/UI designer, augmented reality/ virtual reality designer, and art director specialized in different areas such as design thinking and business strategy. I help business scales with sustainability and growth in mind. Working in the professional design industry for more than 10 years, I helped dozens of campaign launch, website, and app for startups and small businesses. My process is customized according to different needs. I specialized in entertainment, XR, and tech industry.

Art Direction Experience:

➨Provide branding, marketing, and product design strategy in Opix360 campaign
➨Provide art direction and branding strategy for TRVL Porter E-Commerce Website
➨Provide art direction for TesXR VR concept project in Tea Tech Tequila Event
➨Provide art direction for 20+ crowdfunding campaigns

I believe that by integrating immersive technology into digital products and brands, users can have a better understanding of the products and services. XR can increase the sales for the business and since the users interact with content, it is likely that the users will remember the content more, increase their learning appetite, and share the content. So I have my podcast, meetup, and workshop in Santa Monica to help the community on weekends. Here is some information about those:

➨ My podcast:

➨ My XR Tutorials:

➨ My website:

➨ My LinkedIn:

➨ My PDF Portfolio:

➨ For media interviews and speaking engagements, please visit:

Reach me on:
@Dominique Wu

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Event Details
08. 15. 2020
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm