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(WEBINAR) Tour:Smart – Touring 101

Dive into the basics of touring with the man who wrote “The Bible of Touring”!!!

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Touring Live Entertainment was the first class I taught at Columbia College Chicago 17 years ago and it has been something I’ve been doing pretty much all of my life.

This stuff is so very important to me – not just because it is the way, the reason, that my insane collective ‘industrial supergroup’ Pigface can exist – but it turns out that my great grandfather was an advance-man for the circus so I guess it’s in my blood.

I’ll be respectful of your time but, shit, I can’t think of a more dangerous area for you to jump into – touring is WAR, there have been cash catastrophes, relationships trashed and born, minds changed and lost, an outbreak of war (I was in Europe during the first Gulf War) illness, stupidity, assholeishness, drugs, friendships, enlightenment, tears and more. people die, we have had an outbreak of spinal meningitis the night before a border crossing into Canada with two busses!

So, as I said, I will try and be respectful of your time, but if you are looking for the ‘yeah yeah yeah grandad can you give it to me in a 20-minute breakdown’ I can’t. You get it once you get it and one thing builds directly on another.

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12. 08. 2021
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm