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(WEBINAR) THE NEXT EVOLUTION: Immersive Technology in Research

One of the key aspects of immersive technology is the cognitive dissonance that real space can be overpowered by perceived space. That what you know is not real, is “real” enough, to be interactive. This renders the person wearing the headset from a passive observer to an active participant in the content. This same mental trick happens when interacting with augmented reality components. Therefore the participant can be almost as rich with behavioral patterns worth studying as any other context of these types of research – especially more than considering the hypothetical. In this way, immersive technology explodes into a very rich space for research.

The more that we know about human behavior, the better products and marketing can target needs and desires. Using this research will become integral as more media will be consumed via immersive technologies. Understanding these aspects of human behavior can also greatly inform methods of training and retention of new information. Also, as XR hardware can be large expense for labs, those who have their own technology at home can download programs to contribute and even earn income through the participation of these types of open source style research projects.

A perfect fit for #TheNextEvolution event series, join us on October 6th to learn from industry leaders about some of the innovations in research as our experts use immersive technologies as a tool for their research.


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10. 06. 2021
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm