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(Webinar) The Dos and Don’ts of Scene Direction and Formatting

It’s the most obvious part of your screenplay – the words on the page! It’s the first thing a reader notices, and yet ironically it is the last thing a reader comments on…unless it isn’t working.

There is an irony in the writing on the page because it can sink your script, but it can’t be the only element that sells it. Yes, dialogue is a big part of what delivers an excellent script, but it’s the concept, character development, and structure that technically outranks your page writing. Again, however, if your page writing isn’t working, all of those three levels will be overshadowed by poor page writing. So join the ISA’s Max Timm as he covers all of the various elements of what goes into the page, how to use those elements, how not to use them, and let’s get our scene writing working like the pro’s.



Event Details
02. 22. 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm