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(WEBINAR) The Bushido Code: 7 principles to help you adapt and thrive

The Bushido Code: 7 principles to help you adapt and thrive in uncertain times

John Godoy’s “Bushido Code” provides the audience with simple and highly effective mind, body, and spirit building strategies that are guaranteed to energize and invigorate their personal and professional lives and help them navigate through changing times.

Unlike typical lifestyle centered personal development presentations, “The Bushido Code” blends elements of John’s dual Japanese and American heritage, with over 20 years of experience as the co-founder of a successful crowdfunded start-up, athletic coach, personal trainer, martial artist, and endurance athlete.

Built around the 7 core principles of the ancient Samurai life philosophy of “Bushido”, this presentation encourages us to reflect on guiding principles of times past and appreciate their importance to our development and growth in the modern world.

Value to audience:

From this presentation, the audience will receive valuable insights and strategies that will help them:�

• Keep physically strong and healthy

• Stay motivated and focused given the uncertainty of the future

• Keep the mind resilient and clear

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Event Details
04. 27. 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm