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(Webinar) Raising Funds Workshop with Leslee Cohen


A raising funds workshop for businesses that embark on the path of raising money.


Leslee has successfully partnered with entrepreneurs, startups and growth stage companies for 30 years in connection with their early fundraising rounds, whether “friends and family investments,” angel, seed or venture capital rounds. Her firm, All Rise, has a singular and insanely dedicated commitment to its clients’ success. She not only knows the law backwards and forwards, but also has the long time experience necessary to know market terms and which details matter most. As an added benefit, Leslee offers an extraordinary network of other talented people which she actively opens to all of her clients.

Businesses that embark on the path of raising money from investors encounter lawyers who tell them they will need to spend up to $50,000 on a “private placement memorandum” or simply a two page convertible note. Leslee will provide a layperson’s explanation of the securities laws that apply when a business is considering a raise, so that the founders will be educated in deciding the right level of legal protection necessary in their own particular circumstances. The presentation will include the definition of what constitutes a “security,” the disclosure obligations the company has to its potential investors and the filings that need to be made with the Securities and Exchange Commission and individual states.

Benefits of Attendance:

– Go into meetings with your legal team armed with a basic education in the laws governing the fund raising process.

– Learn how to explain to your investors why you are asking them to make certain representations and sign subscription documents before you can accept their investments.

– Understand the risks Learn how to protect related to raising your company from funds from different potential investor kinds of investors.


Event Details
05. 18. 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm