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(WEBINAR) Playlists and Beyond: Best Practices for Artists & Their Teams

Both Mike Warner and Andrea Young focus on the streaming ecosystem. Mike literally wrote the book on playlists (Work Hard Playlist Hard), and holds expertise as a curator, podcaster and independent artist. Andrea has worked with hundreds of artists and teams to build their digital presence on streaming platforms through exposure and feedback on playlists (and beyond), guiding artists through every step of the process, and is also a longtime curator. Both have strong independent experience in the streaming and playlisting space to share, providing value for artists, management teams, labels, and playlisting/streaming staff. In this webinar, this dynamic duo will present insights from their own case studies, along with follow-up action items, so creatives and those who support them can understand how to make the most of music release strategies, promotional tools, and tactics for fan development & artist branding.


Event Details
10. 28. 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm