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(WEBINAR) Optimizing Brand Experience and Creativity in Digital Marketplaces

It’s no secret marketplaces are now at the heart of everyday commerce, supporting rapid shifts in consumer behavior and reinventing the retail shopping model as we know it. Today, digital shelves are not only valuable for researching and purchasing products – they’re actually the only channel for many as consumers address needs for safety, convenience and necessity.

For years, companies have viewed digital marketplaces in largely transactional terms—as channels to sell products, not to deliver brand experiences. However, for more and more consumers, marketplaces create their first impressions of brands.  This is why brands need a unified brand experience that combines convenience and one-click customer journeys with creative storytelling that puts brand experience on the digital shelf.

Join us for a virtual conversation about orchestrating brand experiences within digital marketplaces.  Learn how to evolve your approach to marketplace branding to stay ahead of shifting consumer needs.

Together we’ll explore:

  • Expected impact of the quarantine economy
  • The 4 O’s framework for digital marketplace transformation
  • How to own your brand experience in digital marketplaces
  • Optimizing your digital shelf for discoverability and conversion

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Event Details
05. 07. 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
ANA Business Marketing