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(WEBINAR) Navigating Career Transitions

Whether it’s been forced upon you or a deliberate choice, career transitions happen! You may have been confidently headed down one path and the industry changed before your eyes rendering your role obsolete, you may have found out you don’t love your career the way you thought you would, or you just might be itching for a change!

No shame – we’ve all been there and this conversation will speak candidly about the realities around pivoting your career. These five successful women have been through layoffs, furloughs, cross-department pivots, and total industry shifts. At each stage they learned more about themselves, the business, and grew.

In this discussion we’ll understand how to make tactical career transition plans, have foresight in to the future to avoid sudden shifts, and prepare to enter a new role.


Farah Syed | Manager, PR & Industry Relations @ Beatport

Danielle Vu | Product Manager @ HIFI

Gabriella Ianni | VP, Commercial Strategy @ Ingrooves

Molly McLachlan | Head of International @ 10K Projects

Ash Stahl | Managing Director @ Flighthouse


Event Details
04. 28. 2021
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Women in Music