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(WEBINAR) Music Copyright Needs an Overhaul – Here’s How

Thanks to the music business’ constant digital evolution, there are now endless ways for artists to make money and reach fans. And this diversity of revenue streams will only continue to expand over the next decade. MIDiA Research suggests that the opportunity for short-term growth in monetization will come from recorded music streaming and sync. Yet longer-term growth will come from UGC and social, creator tools, livestream concerts, fandom and games. Those latter categories take music into a more experiential era, where more than just the recording is monetized. However, copyright hasn’t yet caught up and current rights frameworks will struggle to encompass the complexities of music’s experiential phase — one where music is no longer just about listening, and speed of innovation far outpaces speed of the industry’s infrastructure. In this webinar, Roberto Neri, Chief Operating Officer of fast-growing music tech company, Utopia Music, and MIDiA’s Managing Director, Mark Mulligan, will present their solution: the establishment of an entirely new copyright framework, titled “Creator Rights.”


Event Details
11. 18. 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm