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(WEBINAR) Isolate or Innovate: A Music Tectonics forum for pivots, adjustments, and doubling down

11:00 AM CST: The New Starting Line: Trends and What’s Next

Nobody knows when the self-isolation crisis will end, when it might return, and what life will be like once things settle down. Wherever you stand in the music tech space, what you do between now and the coming new era will determine if you are a contender at The New Starting Line. Hear about what trends are emerging, what is coming next, and how they might affect your business. Registration for forum required at:


12:00 PM CST: Navigate Music Releases Through a Worldwide Shutdown

Everything stopped on Friday the 13th of March, when SXSW was forced to cancel due to the COVID-19 crisis. Yet music releases continue coming out. How do you navigate marketing a new recording when the physical world is shut down, but everyone’s eyes and ears are on the Internet? Get tips from these music marketing pros on how you can keep up your release strategy in spite of a Worldwide Shutdown. Registration for forum required at:


1:00 PM CST: Investment: What to do While on Hold

Music Tech innovations are built by startups, and most startups need investment to get off the ground. It seems like the whole world is on hold right now. Is it OK to keep pitching investors? What if your investor calls have all landed on cold ears now that there appears to be a freeze on all types of spending? What can startups do right now to put themselves in a position to get funded now, or when the COVID-19 crisis begins to thaw? Hear advice directly from a seasoned investor who knows the music tech landscape well. Registration for forum required at:


2:00 PM CST: How Labels and Managers Can Come Out Ahead Once the Dust Settles

Everything in the music industry is up in the air. But labels and artist managers have to put their best foot forward for their artists. What should they be doing now that will give their artists a leg up when the dust settles? Which trends are emerging now that should not be overlooked? How will the new music industry look when we come out of this, and how should that affect what you are doing between now and then? Find out on this panel with some of the industry’s most forward-looking and effective thinkers. Registration for forum required at:


3:00 PM CST: Meetup

Music Tectonics is known for creating amazing experiences where attendees get to knock down walls and meet other humans with a similar passion for the business of music tech. Jade Prieboy brings his inclusive facilitation to the messiness of Zoom to bring everyone in as family, to meet and greet, and make the connections necessary to get business done. If you are looking to make your mark, or to peek at what innovators are unleashing on the world tomorrow, this is the place to be. No gatekeepers, no excuses. Just a tribe of music tech movers and shakers ready to meet.


4:00 PM CST: Happy Hour/Instrument Demos

Come experience music-making for the new era. These instrument makers are breaking the rules of yesterday and are ready to entertain and wow you with mobile and other groundbreaking musical instruments, perfect for music-making when you are stuck at home, on a boat, or with a goat.

Event Details
05. 19. 2020
11:00 am - 5:00 pm