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(WEBINAR) International Due Diligence

Presented by the Illinois SBDC International Trade Center at the WBDC

Due Diligence in International Business: What Information You Need to Know about International Partners and How to Find It.

Doing business with a new international partner involves some risks. Selling to or buying from an unfamiliar foreign partner presents new challenges to navigate.

In this webinar, we will identify the steps you can take to avoid or mitigate the risks.

• How do you reduce that risk?
• What kind of information is available, where can you find it, and what due diligence can be done?
• What about country risk?

There are many free resources available online to help you quickly check out companies and learn about international markets so you can focus your efforts on the winners. In this presentation, attendees will learn tips to check out companies from their own computer, learn the best countries to target for expansion, and all without paying a cent.

Featured Speaker

Louise Kern, CEO of Glo-Bis will present. Seeing the surging need for high-quality business information in the increasingly global economy, she founded Global Business Information Services, Inc. (GloBIS) in 2003 to cater to the growing number of small and medium-sized enterprises expanding internationally. Initially focusing on China, GloBIS soon expanded to include information on businesses and individuals worldwide, for clients ranging from companies just starting out to Fortune 500s. GloBIS is a Strategic Partner and subcontractor and is also on Ex-Im Bank’s list of recommended providers of credit reports on companies of any size, anywhere in the world.

Contact Information: Bill McNamara | Director of the ITC at WBDC |

There is no cost to attend, but registration is required.

How to Register for this Webinar:

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Event Details
07. 19. 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm