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(WEBINAR) How XR is Shaping Digital Transformation with Microsoft, Unity & AVATAR Partners

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Microsoft and Unity join this VR/AR Association Southwest Showcase to discuss the opportunity and impact that XR – specifically Augmented and Mixed Reality – can have on the product lifecycle and its digital twin in heavy-duty industrial enterprise. Organizations can use AR and MR to achieve game-changing competitive advantage, reduce expenses, improve safety during COVID, and improve profit. This presentation will discuss the key factors in XR success – and pitfalls to avoid. Learn about Microsoft, Unity, and AVATAR’s roadmaps and latest technology tools for XR. This presentation will highlight use cases from large enterprise and multiple industries.

·         Kevin Orbaker, Chief Technology Architect, Microsoft

·         Dan Miller, Senior Developer Advocate, XR, Unity3D

·         Marlo Brooke, CEO, AVATAR Partners | Chapter President, VR/AR Association, Orange County, CA


Event Details
08. 12. 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm