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(Webinar) How to NOT fail at Retail in CPG

Congratulations! You’ve accomplished what all CPG startups dream of: your products are on store shelves. From here on out it’ll be smooth sailing. All you need to do is make sure you produce enough to keep up with demand as you get more doors…right?

Sadly, this is what many companies believe as they’re just starting out…but they couldn’t be more mistaken.

Getting product on the shelves is fantastic – but it’s only the opening bet. It’s what comes next that will determine whether you end up with all the chips, or none. And the vast majority of startups – over 80% – end up with none. One of the major reasons for this is that most only discover the real challenge of winning in the retail game AFTER they’ve already sat down at the table. That’s a really bad time to learn the rules of the game – but it’s not too late.

The “what comes next” is trade promotion. It’s probably the biggest line item on your P&L. And if you don’t take control of it, the retail distribution channel will use it to literally drain your company dry. This is why Promomash exists – to help CPG entrepreneurs survive and thrive in retail by handling trade promotion more profitably and more effectively.

In this free 1 hour webinar, the team at Promomash will show you how to take control of Trade Promotion. Topics will include:

  • Re-framing Trade Promotion: what it is and levers that can be pulled to manage performance
  • Choosing the right objectives (growth, profit, velocity)
  • Obstacles in trade promotion to watch for (especially DEDUCTIONS)
  • Opportunities in trade promotion that benefit your whole company

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Event Details
03. 04. 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm