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(Webinar) How to Complete a SWOT Analysis – A Step by Step Demonstration

Understanding your business as a whole using a SWOT (strengths.weaknesses.opportunities.threats.) analysis will allow you to identifying the critical factors of your business and help you create a strategic plan for a successful future.

In this webinar you will get a brief overview of a SWOT analysis with examples from well-known companies. Finally in this webinar there will be an interactive live demonstration of an actual SWOT with an attendee.

We encourge atendees to have the following information avaliable:

  • Your business’s Strengths
  • Your business’s Weaknesses
  • Your business’s Opportunities
  • Your business’s Threats

Presenter: John G Tile

John Tile has over 42 years’ experience in industry holding various leadership positions in engineering, logistics, safety, and program management. John has also worked with international customers including; Australia, Canada, England, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand.

John can help you in areas of strategy, business planning (startups and sustaining businesses), business development, people leadership/mentoring, marketing, business financials, competitive analysis, customer relationships, safety culture, and business metrics.

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Event Details
06. 24. 2022
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm