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(WEBINAR) High-Impact Storytelling: The Opportunity, Execution, and Expectations

How does your brand live in the world?

As a founder, your brand is much more than tactical things like your logo, colors, and graphics. It’s how your company shows up in the world, the stories you tell, and the stories people tell about you. It’s the secret sauce opportunity to energize a brand with little or no exposure. We’ve partnered with our friends at Geletka+ to unpack how you can become an ultimate storyteller for your brand.

  • Opportunity: The impact storytelling has on your bottom line
  • Execution: What is the focus of the story? Founder’s reason? Unique ingredients? Cultural Shift? Pick one!
  • Execution: What channels are best for the story? How can they be leveraged with good quality and reasonable effort?
  • Expectations: Costs and Staff Commitment, Brand Impact and Awareness, Partnering, Distribution, Sales and Staff metrics

John Geletka, Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Geletka +

John’s past experiences include an MFA in sculpture, full stack development chops, and partner positions at boutique and global design and marketing firms.

Jeffrey Walker, Executive Creative Director, Geletka +

Big brand TV, multi-media digital content, and a stint as a writer on an Emmy-winning TV series add up to Jeff’s career in storytelling.


Event Details
08. 13. 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm