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(WEBINAR) Ghost Kitchens: How to Execute From Start to Finish

So you want to open a ghost kitchen? While you may be a restaurant pro, launching a virtual kitchen in today’s digital landscape requires a new way of thinking about the business.

Join Back of House and our panel of experts for this two-part webinar as we dissect the ghost kitchen experience from setup to getting your food in the hands of customers and how to craft your menu offerings.

Tune in to get expert advice on:

  • How to craft a menu for delivery-only
  • Optimizing your ghost kitchen profit margins
  • Effectively connecting with guests online
  • The best tools for navigating the digital landscape
  • Driving more revenue and sustainable growth for your virtual kitchen

Featuring expert advice from:

Bethany Zak|Relish Works, Moderator

Josh Sharkey|Meez Meals, Founder and CEO

Bill Stavrou|Food Haul, Founder and CEO

Amina Gilani|Sociavore, Co-founder



Event Details
04. 27. 2021
8:00 am - 9:00 am