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“5 out of 5 stars!” • “Best professional decision ever made”

“Life altering!” • “NOTHING else like this in town”

“Profound! Enlightening! Magnificent!” • “100% Game Changer!”

“Miracle worker for creatives” • “Truly the BEST”

“Without equal, BAR NONE!” • “MORPHEUS offering you the RED PILL”

“More insight than some paid events I’ve attended”

“My career has taken a 180 degree turn”

“Radically changed the way I assess and approach both my personal and career goals”

• “Highly, highly recommended!” • “1,000% recommended!”

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• STUCK in Neutral? • FRUSTRATED? • SPINNING Your Wheels?





• Need GUIDANCE & a FRESH Perspective?





— key figure in facilitating access and connections in Hollywood, Sandra Lord is a MASTER CAREER STRATEGIST/COACH and definitive NETWORKING EXPERT, whose experience and success as a (former) talent and literary manager have enabled her to work with talent at various levels in FILM, TELEVISION, NEW MEDIA, PUBLISHING and MUSIC.

Talent, from ACADEMY, EMMY, VMA, TELLY, GABRIEL and CINE award winners and nominees, to working and EMERGING content creators, have all sought her counsel, guidance and creative vision, with regard to their projects, overall career strategy and effective networking. Her services have been described as “LIFE CHANGING.” Lord is also known for her ingenious ideas, networking programs and groundbreaking events and opportunities — she is the founder of the award-winning Hollywood Networking Breakfast®, Women Helping Women in Entertainment and the Los Angeles Film & TV Meetup group.





• You are STUCK in neutral OR hit a BRICK WALL

• You need GUIDANCE and a FRESH PERSPECTIVE — you have no idea what the next step is or how to take the next step

• You need an ACTION PLAN to to take on the rest of 2022

• You HAVE REPRESENTATION, BUT are still not getting the opportunities you desire

• You LACK CONNECTIONS or don’t know how to effectively use the ones you have

• You need to get better at NETWORKING especially now

• You are a chronic PROCRASTINATOR OR the pandemic has immobilized you and PROCRASTINATION has become your best friend

• You have CONFIDENCE/SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES, self-defeating behaviors holding you back

This no-holds-barred FREE SEMINAR will provide LOTS of information, PRACTICAL tools & MOTIVATION to help you TAKE ACTION, TAKE CHARGE of your career direction & TAKE ON THE REST OF 2021 WITH GUSTO & CONFIDENCE ON YOUR OWN!




PROACTIVE creatives at all levels in front of and behind the camera, looking to get to the next level,  TRANSITION into a new area, STARTADVANCEREINVENT OR RESURRECT their careers, businesses, projects, ideas and events.



(From Seminar Attendees, Workshop Participants & Clients):


5 OUT OF 5 STARS!” Sandra Lord’s Career Strategy Workshop is the  best investment I’ve ever made in my TV Writing Career.  In her workshop, I learned strategic industry insightsself-marketing tools  and a targeted networking approach that have directly led to me signing with my  Literary Manager and has attracted several A-List Producers to my work. I’ve paid top dollar to attend a lot of events, seminars and workshops designed to help you break into Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry. In terms of quality and tangible results, Sandra’s is by far the BEST.   There is NOTHING else like this in town” (excerpt from detailed 2-page testimonial of “11 major benefits” derived).



“There are SO MANY OPTIONS for both paid and free career advice in Hollywood, it’s sometimes hard for people to sort out who’s the best. YOU’RE TOPS ON MY LIST! We’ve been to your Hollywood Networking Breakfast and WE TRUST THE INFORMATION YOU GIVE US.”


– NIKKI SYREETA | Writer, Reader, Logline Specialist

This course is MORPHEUS offering you the RED PILL and you take it…and now you can control the MATRIX.



“Taking Sandra’s Career and Business Strategies Workshop has been ONE OF THE BEST PROFESSIONAL DECISIONS I have ever made.  I made  more progress in my career in one year with Sandra Lord than I had in the last three without her. Sandra’s workshop helped me focus and create the opportunities that I wanted. I’m now turning down jobs that I would have felt obliged to take in the past out of fear. I expanded my professional network by approximately 800 contacts… I would recommend her workshop to anyone looking to move their career forward, no matter how far they have already come”  (excerpt from detailed testimonial).


– ROB WIESE | Director-Animator-Previs Artist:

(previs: Black Panther; Spiderman: Homecoming; Pacific Rim: Uprising)

Sandra’s workshop is a must for any serious person looking to take their career to the next level (maybe even a few levels). In her workshop, I learned how to strategically and effectively plan all aspects of my life. No matter the goal, no matter the job, no matter the nature of a meeting, Sandra will teach you how to approach any professional or personal problem with an easy solution. Let it be known that this easy solution may force you to take a step of faith into something outside your comfort zone. However, without stretching ourselves, we will remain doing the same. Sandra’s workshop helps you overcome that fear and confusion in order that you could open the flood gates of opportunities that are awaiting you in your career.”


– BO PALINIC | Producer [Segment Producer, Associate Producer, Clearance Supervisor]

After taking Sandra Lord’s CCS Workshop, I had a stunning realization that all these years working in the entertainment industry, I had been playing checkerswhen I should have been playing chess. Sandra taught me to play chess. She is the Garry Kasparov (the world’s greatest chess player) of the entertainment world. She taught me brilliant strategies — realistic, achievable moves — to succeed, to create the best goals, and to achieve those goals. For instance, through her teachings and guidance, I was able to craft an effective [successful “cold”] email to an international best-selling author [about a project]. These are the kind of practical, results-oriented strategies that chess Grandmaster, Sandra Lordteaches. I recommend her workshop 1,000% to those who are serious about achieving their goals and becoming successful.


– MICHAEL THURSTON | Reality TV Producer

“Sandra’s dynamic workshop challenged me to expect much more from myself as I take my career into a new realm. Since learning and applying her strategies, I’ve more than doubled my professional network and began accepting jobs at the producer level.


 – JANET SHERKOW | Producer-Actress-VO  

I was at your event [free seminar] on Sunday and I just wanted to let you know that your advice for when I call the studio was spot on. I made the call today and pitched the person directly that i wanted to talk to and it was all positive. I got to pitch three projects to the studio, so thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!


– Deb Lollie |Award-winning Screenwriter | Producer | Attorney

[Sandra Lord’s] Creative Business and Career Strategies, is WITHOUT EQUAL, bar none. I tried out other career guidance counselors, but since I have been consulting with Sandra and Judith, my career is flourishing. Goals I had been striving to achieve alone, have been accomplished sooner and even better than I imagined. We crafted a unique query letter, and within 24 hours, I had received numerous requests for my script from top agencies [and managers]. Three short weeks later, I secured my ideal agent. [Excerpt from detailed testimonial]


– E.J. Phillipps | Founder, Joiht Project

In less than FOUR WEEKS, I went from daydreaming about my project, to going through my Action Plan and now having a meeting with the Government of another country that will push my project into being fulfilled. What I have achieved in the last four weeks is more than I accomplished in the last two years working on my own. Thank you Sondra and Judith for your guidance and leadership and helping me grow as an individual.


– SHARI B. ELLIS | Animation Writer, Production Manager

Sandra is a networking guru, and she gives students the tools to be more comfortable in their skin, so that networking no longer feels scary. I’m an introvert, and I can say honestly that because of Sandra’s class, I’ve embraced the power of networking so completely that it’s actually become fun for me. She taught us to identify our value and to stop taking it for granted. In addition to giving us the tools for developing our confidence, Sandra teaches invaluable career strategy. We learned to identify and organize realistic plans for approaching people that are out of our league, and nurture those connections. And I saw results almost immediately. Using Sandra’s tools, I got responses to introductory and query emails. I had meetings with producers and showrunners in my field, and invitations to stay in touch with them. During the course of the class, the group project that I directed, co-wrote and co-produced has already won international awards, including one for Best VFX. Additionally, I polished the pilot script and pitch bible of my own animated television series. I also connected with high-level talent including two nationally-known comedians attached as voices. And now I’m signed with a literary manager and getting ready to pitch the show! Sandra is passionate about helping others, and I’m forever grateful to her for being so generous with her talent, experience and wisdom.


– LAURA LEE BYRD | Producer-Writer-Marketing Manager, Fox’s 20th Television

PROFOUND; ENLIGHTENING; MAGNIFICENT! Sandra Lord’s Career Strategy Workshop is LIFE-CHANGING! Sandra masterfully teaches you how to build your careerlayer by layer. She has amazing insight into the entertainment industry and is a networking genius! You will receive the tools and guidance you need to greatly expand your network and create new, vital connections and significant opportunities. Best of all, the strategies learned in the workshop will re-define who you are as a person, inspiring you to set and accomplish your highest goals.”


– ADREANA ROBBINS | Literary Manager 

Sandra Lord is a true entrepreneur, a dynamic speaker, and teacher. She’s generous with her knowledge and an inspiration for all that she’s accomplished and how she has transformed people’s careers! Sandra lights up the stage! Her creative passion, energy, and enthusiasm are contagious! Her free workshop empowered me in just a few hours! I can only imagine what one can accomplish by taking her workshop or training in private! Thank you so much, Sandra! 🙂


– L.P. BARNES | Talent Manager 

Sandra Lord’s extensive industry experience, passion and work ethic make it easy for me to consult with her about my clients and business.”


– CARLA WOODSON | Talent Manager 

“I learned a lot about strategy, client relations and State law from my consultations with Sandra and my clients have benefited greatly as a result.”


 R.J. THOMPSON | Actor

“I moved from another state to Los Angeles to pursue my career as an actor. I wasn’t in the unions, had virtually no credits, but lots of talent. Sandra, Judith and I strategized to attract the attention of agents. Within a short space of time, we ended up having to decide between two agencies. You guys are phenomenal!”



“If you can help rockers, you can help anyone! We take our hats off to you.”


– JOHN FORNOFF | Writer-Director

“I’m back home and it’s close to midnight after Sandra Lord’s Career Strategy Audit Class. Normally, I’d be bleary-eyed and blitzed. Instead, I’m invigorated and inspired. There’s an energy about Sandra and this class that helped me see where I really want to go and gave me practical tools to get thereGreat stuff!!”



If you missed this seminar you’re going to kick yourself. I left feeling empowered and clear of mind and ready. Sandra offered valuable insight into the how and why of our careers. Her panelists took the time to answer our questions during and after the seminar. Plus there was much networking done afterwards. Thank you Sandra.”


– DIANA S. ZIMMERMAN | Brand Strategist

” It’s been more than a year since I attended your sessions. As a successful CEO, I’m normally jaded about success coaching. I‘ve listened to, and indeed, hired dozens of speakers and coaches for my clients. Your approach, however, is very different. You have the ability to stimulate an inner sense of awareness that is truly unique… and effective. You sit on my shoulder every day… your wise words… your unselfish strength… your unfaltering ability to inspire… to teach… to help everyone you meet be a more successful person. Thank you for all you did and continue to do for me and everyone lucky enough to know you. Hugs. “


– SARAH NASRI | Actress, Producer

“Sandra, I wanted to write you while ago to tell you about my “success story.” I’m happy and I’m moving in the right direction. After sending my boilerplate letter to agents and managers and getting responses sometimes after half an hour of sending the email, now I have an agent and a manager and I started auditioning for big casting directors. Hope you’re doing well to keep inspiring people. Thank you for everything.”


– MEERA KIM | Creative & Co-Executive Producer & VR Producer

Sandra Lord provided clear, concise and vigorous step-by-step guidance that radically changed the way I assess and approach both my personal and career goals.”


– ANTHONY SANDS | Writer, Director, Producer

Creative Career and Business Strategies/CCS with Sandra Lord and Judith Smith has been a 100% GAME-CHANGER for me. I had been working for years in the entertainment industry as both a writer and producer, but real success always seemed just out of reach. Even worse -I had hit a professional plateau. CCS helped me reassess my successes, re-envision my priorities, and repackage myself, while helping me create a comprehensive, effective, and realistic plan to achieve the goals I truly desired. Already my career has reached a whole new level with clear guideposts leading me to my full professional and artistic potential. I have improved my networking skills tremendously. I was recently HIRED to write a feature, I have had high-level studio meetings and several requests for my scripts. With CCS, I feel like nothing can stand between me and my dreams.


– SCOTT RICHTER | Writer/Attorney

“In such a competitive industry, anything that can give you an edge is critical. Sandra Lord is that edge.

I accomplished more in the first six months with Creative Career Strategies, under the guidance of Sandra Lord (and Judith Smith) than I had accomplished in the preceding four years. They are master strategists. 

Since coming under Sandra and Judith’s guidance, I have been busy. I became a member of the WGA. My spec script won the “Best Television Screenplay” at the Austin Film Festival. I have also created and written two one hour TV pilots which are currently in the hands of people whom I could only dream of meeting a year ago. I have expanded my circle of connections to include doing lunch, having drinks, meetings and direct dial/email contact with top producersshowrunners and executivesThe list goes on… I am focused. I have a plan. And my confidence is at an all-time high. Creative Career Strategies has been instrumental in propelling my career to the next level, placing me finally on the radar of Hollywood power players. Highly, highly recommended! This is the most excited I’ve been about my career pursuits in years!”

 [Excerpt from detailed testimonial]


– MELODY JACKSON, Ph.D. | Smart Girls Productions

It was so great working with Sandra and Judith! They helped me organize so many projects that I had been working on and not completing. By assessing all of these different projects that were only partially complete, I was then able to set up my priorities and move forward much more quickly and smoothly on my over all plan. Well-worth it!



– ROBERT CARTLAND | Writer-Composer

This FREE event provided more insight than some of the paid events I’ve attended. Sandra shared some terrific advice.



I brought a solid set of experience, skills and accomplishments with me to these workshops but those things were all packed up like baggage. Sandra Lord’s strategy showed me how to open these packages up and sort out what was really needed for each step on the path to the next level, then how to plan a route forward. Working through Sandra’s class has given me a change in attitude that has helped me underpin my skills with improved personal marketing, while nurturing better new collaborations and existing professional relationships. You get out of this workshop what you put into it and many times the outcome of an exercise isn’t obvious until you’ve had the experience. Giving 110% to all the homework—and there’s a lot of homework—pays dividends as there are no short cuts. Sandra doesn’t do the work for you. I ALREADY HAD A STRONG BACKGROUND IN MOVING PICTURES BEFORE I started this course BUT nevertheless, Sandra’s strategy has changed my perspective on everything from the way I present myself, to the way I look at projects and to mapping out my career as part of a complete journey.”


– KIM CURRIER | Comedy Writer & Producer

Thanks to the tools I learned in Sandra’s workshop, I got hired to write and produce a short film and was able to successfully negotiate for more money. Sandra finds what’s holding you back and teaches you how to get out of your own way to be successful in your career and life because it’s all connected.”


– EVA G. SZIGRISZT | Writer-Producer-Director

Sandra Lord’s Strategy Course will definitely stir things up. Just answering the initial questionnaire she so beautifully has put together is a LIFE-CHANGING experience. You really need to dig into the truth of who you think you are versus who you truly are, so you can to start working on actual improvement (not just in your career or profession but in your personal life). Three months applying Sandra’s strategies and exercises and I hit the ground running! I accomplished most of the goals I had set for an entire year! My professional network has gone from 250 people to 1200 and I have had at least three meetings a week- all of them resulting in career advancement. I now have projects at SONY PICTURES, SCREEN GEMS, SONY TV, SONY INTERACTIVE- PLAYSTATION, THE JIM HENSON COMPANY, I am writing a script for one of the biggest Hollywood stars (can’t disclose names at this time), I am collaborating with a director that has many deals in place (NETFLIX, AMAZON, etc.and the best of all, I am directing my first feature film! Believe me, if you put the time and the work you’ll definitely see results. No miracles sold. Just your own hard work. Only this time around you’ll have the best in town giving you actual results-oriented strategies, guidance, applicable feedback and advice. Thank you Sandra. YOU ARE TRULY THE BEST!”


– FAWAZ AL-MATROUK | Writer-Director

I was feeling like I had lost momentum, my big dreams weren’t coming true. But with Sandra’s guidance, I learned how to set better goals, understand my brand, and grow my network. Now I’ve signed with an exciting new manager, reconnected with an A-list directing mentor, and written a promising feature to directPLUS I’m directing commercials full time, without feeling overwhelmed! This year’s not even over yet, and I’ve accomplished all the ambitious goals I set for myself. Thanks to Sandra, everything is in place for a successful year ahead.”



Sandra’s class is one of the most inspiring and motivating classes you can find! With her perfectly thought-out system, Sandra knows how to help you break all your self-sabotaging habits. She pushed me over the edge where I just had to spread my wings and fly! This class has been LIFE CHANGING for me. Not only in my career but also in my personal life. I would recommend it to anyone in the industry who wants to get to the next level and who is ready to take their career in their own hands. I call Sandra a blessing for the entertainment world, the world is different with her in it. She brings people together and gets the best out of you. Over the course of the classes I learned to express myself in a professional way, I became more organized and I know what it feels like to own the room. Her monthly assignments help you develop a different way of thinking and adopt a more organized lifestyle. That’s one of the big things I learned in this class, to plan my agenda and get things done! (Testimonial excerpt).”


– TORY NELSON | Director

thought I needed an agent, what I actually needed was this workshop… I’m advancing faster than I ever have in my career [as a director]. In fact with these strategies all working together my career has taken a 180 degree turn. Among other things, “Sandra coached me in preparation for my initial meeting with a leading commercial production company. With her help I was able to demonstrate my skills and separate myself for a highly competitive directing jobSince then I’ve worked with this company on over a dozen projectsall based on that great first meeting…”


– JILL NARCISO | TV Comedy Writer

This was an extraordinary, LIFE-CHANGING workshop not only for me but for the other workshop participants. I have personally accomplished more in six months than I have in two years.”


– BRITTANY CLAY | Writer-Director

I am so grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to take part in this year’s CCS Workshop. At the end of 2016, I was new to Los Angeles and feeling frustrated with a career that was utterly stagnated. With the CCS Workshop, Sandra provided an interactive, and immersive, experience where I was able to grow, not only as a creative, but as a person. By learning how to move strategically, I gained more clarity in regards to focusing my efforts to efficiently achieve all of my goals. Now, I am working full time at a major entertainment company, I will have 3 creative projects finished by the end of this year, and, perhaps most importantly, I’m much more confident in myself and in my abilities. Thank you, Sandra, for supplying me with all of the tools necessary to take my career to the next level!”


– DSG | Multimedia Commercial Artist

I wanted to thank you for the presentation and information [at the recent free Creative Career Strategies seminar]. I bounced your email invitation off of a friend before I decided to attend, and she said, ‘Dave you probably will be teased, with little or incomplete information, and then pitched on some product or service.’ Truthfully, I was IMPRESSED and GRATEFUL that I attended. Sandra spoke from the heart, with practical experience, and dropped many gems along the way…So I just want to say thank you for your efforts and your service.”


– CHRISTIANNA CARMINE | Actor-Director-Writer

I wanted to thank you for all I learned from you last year, and update you on some things. Your workshop gave me the impetus to drop my commercial agent. I signed with a bigger and better agency and yesterday booked a national commercial. Not my first national but one of the biggest I’ve ever booked. On Wednesday, I also booked a film which shoots next month. But the biggest win of all? Was shadowing the director on the set of a new TV show for the last few days. In fact, I was typing my original email to you during the live taping of the show. At the end of the taping, the show runner came up to me, hugged me and said, “anytime you want, you come back.” Because of CCS, I spent last year [methodically strategizing], meeting people, getting myself in FRONT of as many people as I could; and that CHANGED MY LIFE- and my future” (excerpt from detailed testimonial).


– SERITA STEVENS | Award-winning published author & screenwriter

I had trouble with priorities — deciding what to do first — and how to contact people. Among other things, Sandra assisted me with guiding my focus, expanding my network of connections, and getting top names to be featured interviews in my upcoming entertainment industry book.”


– RON COHEN | Producer

I went through the 22 goals I put together for the first class and I have achieved 13 of them, and, for the most part, all of the ones that were really important to me (some of the others were goals that have changed or are not on my list anymore). Among them are: Raised the money and produced the low budget feature comedy (still have 5 day of pickups, but got most of the film is in the can); Raised the money and shot the sci-fi short…; I am starting to be viewed in the industry as a respected Producer who fights for his team, which was one of my major goals this year; Am in the middle of Line Producing a really amazing Documentary; there are others, but wanted to let you know how much this class, the other members in it and your support has meant to me and how far along I have come (which to be honest, when I went back to look at my list I was really surprised).”



Sandra’s workshop was invaluable in my 2016 quest to change the course of my career, and my business, as well as my attitude towards life. I gained a great deal of confidence, stopped letting the script of self-doubt run through my head to the degree that it was holding me back and gained a great deal of tools and strategy that I can use towards pursuing my goals and that can [also] be applied in all aspects of [my] life. Overall, I have a better sense of what I bring to the table, and what I want in my career” (excerpt from detailed testimonial).


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06. 05. 2022
4:00 pm - 6:30 pm