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Mateo Palacio Gomez Photo

Founder of La Tricolor Events and Co-Founder, charityBay

Jamal Elsheikh Photo

Founder, One Love Australia

Eliza Li Photo

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Halad to Health

Kim Nguyen Photo

First Gens Program Coordinator, ygap

About This Event

Migrant entrepreneurship in Australia is granting us more diversity and innovation in our entrepreneurial ecosystems and the wider community, from social enterprise to tech. According to the 2018 CGU Migrant Small Business Report, of the 2 million+ small businesses operating in Australia, at least 620,000 (approximately one third) of them are owned by migrants. It is also expected that migrant-owned small businesses will create an estimated 200,000 jobs in the next 5-10 years.

Whether you have already started the journey, have success as an entrepreneur or just want to know more about the entrepreneurial space, join us for this event with ygap to help you make the next best step in your career!

We will discuss,

  • Where to begin as an entrepreneur
  • How to turn ideas and passions into money-making platform
  • What sort of funding is available
  • Insights and tips from leading migrant entrepreneurs to help you in the entrepreneurial space
  • Q&A from the Audience

About the Presenters

Mateo Palacio Gomez Photo

Founder of La Tricolor Events and Co-Founder,

Mateo Palacio is the co-founder of charityBay and founder of La Tricolor Events. He is a Colombian passionate for social entrepreneurship, innovation and diversity.

He is professional in Economics with international studies in finance, innovation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship.

Among the most recent prizes, charityBay team were awarded as the Early Ethical Enterprise of 2020 – People Choice Award by Moral Fairground, 1st Prize on the Open Innovation Competition 2020 by the City of Melbourne and multiple international social recognition.

Jamal Elsheikh Photo

One Love Australia

Jamal Elsheikh is an engineer, business consultant (MBA), business owner, experienced advisor, certified board member and award-winning entrepreneur.

Jamal expertise is in entrepreneurship and commercialisation, with extensive experiences in creating successful social impact projects. Jamal’s interest in social impact space developed from growing up as a third culture kid in over 13 countries. Today, he advises for a number of not for profits such as Oxfam Australia. Also, Jamal won multiple awards and secured funding and recognition for his initiatives in Australia and overseas

Eliza Li Photo

Co-Founder and Managing Director,
Halad to Health

As Monash University Business School’s Future Global Leader 2019 Recipient, Eliza is a first-generation Asian Australian, who co-founded an international health education charity, Halad to Health, during her final year of university. As a university student who saw the real need for more equitable health and education services to communities in real need, Halad to Health now provides free health education to over 4000+ students in local schools and health facilities in rural Philippines.

Today, Eliza is the Managing Director of Halad to Health, which has grown over 10x in the past 6 months of this pandemic and been able to extend it’s health services virtually to schools across the Southern Philippines and donated over $10K worth of PPE to frontline healthcare workers for partner hospitals in need.

Kim Nguyen Photo

First Gens Program Coordinator,

Kim is the Program Coordinator for ygap’s First Gens Program where she is responsible for the coordination and facilitation of ygap and Catalysr’s program “First Gens 2.0” which supports refugee and migrant led startups in Australia from ideation to growth. Kim has extensive experience volunteering in multiple not-for-profits and interning in the public and community legal sector. Being passionate about social entrepreneurship, innovation and community-organising, Kim is the founder of People of Purpose, a community that brings young professionals and emerging leaders together to create social impact. Kim is a WEF Global Shaper; a global network of inspiring young people working together to address local, regional, and global challenges through dialogue, action and change. She holds a double degree in Law, and Media and Communications

About Our Partners


ygap is an international development organisation that supports early-stage social impact ventures with locally-led solutions to local problems. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship as an effective and sustainable way to provide opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty and disadvantage. We find, accelerate and support the growth of impact ventures led by local entrepreneurs who deeply understand the unique challenges of their communities and are best placed to develop solutions ygap currently supports ventures across Africa, South Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia, and have offices and local teams that lead our programs in each area that we work.

ygap’s First Gens program supports migrant and refugee led social impact ventures that are improving the lives of people living in disadvantage in Australia.

Since launching in 2018, the ygap First Gens Program has supported 36 migrant and refugee-led impact ventures representing founders from over 20 different countries and distributed over $150,000 in funding.

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Event Details
11. 23. 2020
12:30 am - 1:30 am