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Data mining and analytics have become critical functions for thriving organizations. We’re moving more and more towards the need for every role to be data-driven. What does this mean for designers? Designers who understand data will be the ones who make a bigger impact with their work. As we know, good design solves problems. Data helps inform the choices you make to solve those problems.

We are surrounded by more data and reporting than ever before; we’re diving into how to make sense of it. This panel discussion will focus on how to make actionable design decisions based on data, leading to better experiences for our end users. With data literacy you’ll determine the right metrics, tracking, monitoring, and reporting processes to fit business priorities and make meaningful decisions for UX.



  • Data literacy – understand what different types of data can and can’t tell you
  • Overview of how data drives UX decision making and priorities for design
  • How to choose and interpret the right metrics and KPIs for UX
  • How to collect, monitor and correctly apply KPIs to make meaningful decisions to improve UX
  • Build a well balanced framework of KPIs to fit business priorities for UX


  • This event is taken completely online via Zoom.
  • You will need access to a laptop or computer with strong internet connection.
  • Event set up information will be emailed to all signed up prior to the event.

About the Instructors

Jeffrey Preston Photo

User Experience Design Immersive Instructor,
General Assembly

Jeff Preston is a digital experience strategist with a desire to share his knowledge and experience within the classroom. As both a practitioner and instructor, his resume includes work at NASA, the Centers for Disease Control, and has recently traveled around the globe teaching UX methodologies for international firms. His primary UX rules are simple; know your audience & provide value for the investment being made. He is excited to be coming to GA wherein he can share real-world business challenges and industry foresights. At University, he acquired a degree in Political Philosophy and studied Information Technology. His entire career has centered around CRM, ERM, and Experience Design. Jeff has lived in the Atlanta area since the 90’s and is currently a resident of Johns Creek. Born in Chicago, he’s also spent time in New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Virginia. In his spare time he enjoys golf, acoustic guitar, and collecting/using power tools for use in automotive repair and restoration.

Cindy Brummer Photo

Creative Director / UX Designer / Founder,
Standard Beagle Studio

Cindy Brummer is a UX Designer and Creative Director for Standard Beagle, a user experience agency. She leads a team of designers and developers who help companies understand their customers needs and frustrations so they can build solutions that remove guesswork, eliminate cost overruns and move the bottom line.

She is a sought-after UX expert who teaches UX design as an adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Austin and speaks to a wide variety of organizations across Austin. She also leads the meetup group UX in ATX. Cindy loves boxing and is a certified Level 1 boxing coach with USA Boxing. In her spare time, she helps teach the boxing program at the Townlake YMCA.

Marivi Carlton Photo

Director Of Product Design,
The Zebra

As the Product Design team leader at The Zebra, Marivi guides and scales her team while strengthening cross-functional relationships and setting the company’s design standards. She has been a key contributor to the team, starting as a visual designer four years ago and growing her career into product design. During her time at The Zebra, she developed The Zebra’s design system, brand identity and worked to build a culture that is always working toward design excellence. A proud Venezuelan immigrant, she co-founded Affinity, an employee-led and company-funded resource group, to support people of color and immigrants and give others like herself a voice at The Zebra. Marivi is passionate about all forms of design, and in her free time, she handcrafts jewelry for her side business Media Luna Market.

Adriana Morales Photo

Design Lead,

I reveal clarity and direction in complex, nuanced problems in organizations big and small. As an adaptive, steadfast design lead, I love collaborating with and bringing people from business units together to solve challenges, set clear and measurable client success metrics, while always tying the value of design to business. Through ongoing user research, nonstop iteration, and agile practices, I focus on enabling users to achieve their goals while driving business value.

Current focus: As a design lead on Cloud PAL, I led and instrumented the creation of a pattern and asset library built on top of Carbon 10 to bring UX consistency across the IBM Cloud platform for over 200+ services, 80+ design teams, and 500+ developers.

Spare time: I’m a member of the Austin running community and love to train, race and volunteer at races around the state. My dog is my partner in crime. Tamales are my favorite food.

Event Details
02. 16. 2021
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm