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(WEBINAR) Creative Hustle: a Stanford talk

Human beings have always been creative hustlers. Whether it’s social entrepreneurs engineering new ways to harvest renewable energy, independent musicians figuring out how to reach global audiences through social media, or our ancient ancestors huddled together, cold and in the dark, figuring out for the first time that rubbing two sticks together fast enough would spark a fire… To be human is to bleed an amalgam of imagination and ambition.

Why is creative hustle important today? We live in a world where so much is determined for us. When and where we are born, who our family is and knows, how much money is in our bank accounts, and how much melanin is in our skin—all of these factors indicate precise paths we are expected to follow. Too many of us silence our creativity and let our hustle calcify as we settle for the path set for us. In doing so, we trade our potential fulfillment and impact for a facsimile of comfort.

We all have unique combinations of gifts. This does not mean effortless talents that are bestowed upon us—in fact; they may be the very things we each work hardest to develop. Whether it’s shooting videos and shooting jump shots, or building rock walls and building relationships, these combinations of callings are our gifts to give to the world. But only if we can figure out how. Only if we’re able to identify and blaze our own new avenues where no routes yet exist.

Human beings have always used creative problem-solving to survive. It’s time to explore how it can help us thrive.



Event Details
09. 23. 2021
11:00 am - 12:00 pm