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(Webinar) Coding for Beginners | Build Your Own Murder Mystery Game with HTML & CSS

About This Event

Ready to figure out whodunit? Who doesn’t love a murder mystery party, after all? All of the fun solving a crime with… none of the crime. Join Flatiron School as one of our lead Software Engineer instructors walks us through building an interactive murder mystery game.

What You’ll Learn

  • Use the Javascript console in Chrome to run some simple code, right from the get go
  • Modify live web pages using Chrome DevTools
  • Develop websites with HTML, CSS, and JS at a beginner level
  • HTML: Tags, elements, and attributes
  • CSS: Using selectors to style your website via colors, borders, and sizes
  • JS: Some simple Javascript commands so you can feel like a real pro, and take your first baby steps in web development and software engineering

Who is this event for?

No experience is required to attend! This is a no-strings-attached opportunity for you to gain knowledge about web development and find out if software engineering is something you’re passionate about.

Just show up, and learn something new!

Event Details
04. 27. 2022
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm