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(WEBINAR) Code is Not a Prerequisite: Build Your MVP the Right Way

Code is not a prerequisite, but as a non-tech founder running a tech startup, you’re responsible for the business and tech aspects that can scale and grow your startup. Learn the tools necessary to keep on track with your startup’s vision and goals. Join us LIVE January 11th, 10 AM – 11:00 AM CT as we delve into the things you should know as a Non-Tech founder alongside our community partner Imaginnovate.


In contrast to a fully specified product that requires the development of a complete end-to-end solution, a Minimum Viable Product is the state of your solution with minimal features that are sufficient for early adopters to use. Learning to build your MVP will help you avoid common pitfalls and guide the direction to develop it.

We will review:
– Why is it important to choose the right features for MVP?
– The best practices that can help you refine your MVP scope.
– Key metrics to capture for your MVP.

Upcoming Episodes:
Jan 20th: Zero to Product-Market Fit

About Imaginnovate:
Founded in 2013, Imaginnovate is your startup technology partner. From full-service digital solution and strategy, to software design and development they are inspired by the evolution of technology and the pursuit of innovation.

Event Details
01. 11. 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am