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(WEBINAR) Business Impacts on The Arts and Artists

Are you an artist? Has your creativity, motivation, ability to promote your art and make money been impacted by the pandemic? Join us as we talk with a group of working artists from across disciplines to hear how they are innovating, evolving and adapting to the new social environment we are in. What we do to adapt now can become part of our permanent toolset when we emerge in to our new normal.

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Panelists include:
-Film producer Rudy Langlais
-New Orleans cultural ambassador and Zydeco band leader Sunpie Barnes
-Former NYC Ballet dancer and photographer Steven Caras
-Screenwriter and actress Celia Finkelstein
-Singer/songwriter Jenn Grinels

Event Details
04. 30. 2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm