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(WEBINAR) Business Development – How to create new business opportunities?

o you have an excellent idea.πŸ’‘
Following that, you founded a startup.
And you wish to spread your wings and fly with it as far as possible.πŸ•Š
But wait,
What is the right way to do it? Which direction should you aim for? And what is the best way to get there?πŸ€”
In this workshop, we will address all those questions and provide lots of food for thought a minute before you pack your bags and rush to the airport.
We will understand how to create global opportunities that will meet YOUR startup needs.
Talk about the right tool kit to take with you while thinking of global business development and we will demonstrate how easy it can be to implement those tools once you are aware of them.
Why should you attend?Β πŸ‘‡
The online workshop aims to prepare entrepreneurs for international markets by providing them with the theoretical framework.
We will be talking but also working together to make sure we are aligned and capable of “traveling alone”.
Lecturer: Inbal Rahav
She is a Business Development Consultant, helping start-ups to create new business opportunities & connections at a pre- seed or seed stage in Israel and beyond.
Join us on Wednesday, August 17th at 9 AM CET!!


Event Details
08. 17. 2022
2:00 am - 3:00 am