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(Webinar) Building Equitable Business Partnerships

About This Event

You are ready to align your business with your core values around equity, inclusive social impact, and anti-racism. And, elevate your allyship to build a business model and partnerships that are designed to benefit ALL, including underrepresented folx. Without any of the harmful stuff.

This workshop is for Black, Brown, and White Ally Leaders who want to form more equitable and decolonized business partnerships.


During this 2-hour deep dive and hands-on workshop:

  • You will understand who you need to become as a leader to be in integrity as an ally
  • You will understand which of your business practices are harmful and helpful in allyship
  • You will internalize the keys to equitable joint partnership and business allyship
  • You will have clear criteria to evaluate which is the best strategy for you
  • You will have a blueprint to elevate your business model

About the Speakers

Brigette Iarrusso, MPA Photo

International Speaker, Coach and Leadership Trainer

Brigette is on a mission to disrupt business as usual in the coaching, consulting and conscious business industries.

She helps diverse entrepreneurs elevate their business model, with a specific focus on lead generation and sales strategies, so that they can increase their income and their impact in total integrity.

She also supports founders and CEO’s to scale their time as leaders and build the culture, processes and teams that will help them grow sustainably and equitably.

Her business model is grounded in equity and inclusion and racial justice.

She is involved in global social entrepreneurship initiatives that center and create opportunities for Black, Indigeous, People of Color and LatinX communities.

Lisa Young Photo

Expertly trained in the language of conversation and an award-winning linguist, Lisa Young, MA has lived much of her life as a cultural chameleon, learning the languages of and fitting herself into cultures around the world. (After one month in a place, she was often mistaken for a native!) She is a polyglot, one of the first Masters in Forensic Linguistics in the United States as a linguistic profiler, and was trained by America’s top forensic linguists and the FBI linguist who broke the Unabomber case of the 1990s.

In her over 12 years working with relationship dynamics, Lisa has represented fortune 500 clients like Intel, IBM, and Philips, and has traveled the world speaking to global audiences about culture and connection. Lisa supports conscious, driven, and successful women to create abundant powerhouse relationship where they are supported in their visionary goals, accepted for 100% of who they are, and loved without limitation. Lisa and her partner also perform as Loveangelists, a folk pop/rock duo singing uplifting songs of empowerment, love, and creating your best life.

Event Details
10. 01. 2020
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm