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(WEBINAR) Behind the Glass Door: Succeeding in the Freezer Aisle (Part 2)

Did you know the frozen food space is $5.2 billion dollar industry, and according to our friends over at Mintel, 70% of consumers are adding more frozen foods to their daily diets and consumption habits. What does this mean for your food ideas? We are thrilled to announce a new three part virtual series in collaboration with our partners, Conagra Brands! Interested in learning more about how big brands think about innovation? Join Demand Science, R&D and Marketing experts from Conagra Brands in August for a webinar series on Behind the Glass Door: Succeeding in the Freezer Aisle. This series will cover how Conagra thinks about identifying and solving for latent demand, product design implications, and distribution and marketing activities to drive mental and physical availability. Each session will include content highlights plus time for Q&A.


This session will focus on the following topics:

Designing the Product and Packaging

  • Define: we start by defining the design parameters
      • Landscape, category trends, competitive analysis & cuttings​
      • Restaurant & culinary inspiration​
      • Rapid, iterative prototyping​
      • Product design brief; defining job-to-be-done & key attributes…clarity on 4P’s to define the product solution/COGS​
      • Feasibility & capability assessment​
  • Design: we develop the food and packaging solution ​
        • Food Design Process Overview​
          • Design process; benchtop prototyping, cuttings & feedback, tech feasibility & testing…feedback loop to get the feedback needed​
          • Key design considerations; consumer experience, functional benefits, nutritionals, allergens, cost, shelf life, technical feasibility, sustainability, customer requirements, food safety & quality, regulatory, heating instructions
  • Packaging Design Process Overview​


Event Details
08. 20. 2020
10:30 am - 11:30 am