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(WEBINAR) AI & The Future of Work

Technologies have always served as tools to enhance our human abilities, and work & business are among the greatest drivers of technology innovation and adoption. Sometimes technologies augment jobs; other times, they replace jobs but create entirely new lines of work. Artifical intelligence (AI) is already powering many consumer and business applications, but the greatest changes lie ahead. The dominant area of AI today is machine learning, which enables us to create applications that are trained from known data and then are able to make decisions about new data and experiences. This is leading to powerful augmentation abilities for humans, but also autonomous decision-making capabilities that could replace many human jobs—especially combine with robotics. With AI emerging so rapidly, how will new AI applications and uses—including autonomous systems—change the workforce, and how do we ensure the future workforce is empowered, inclusive, and equitable? Join Sherri Greenberg and Chris Shenefiel as they explain how AI works, why it is revolutionary in terms of work, how work will be forever changed by it, and what we must do to develop ‘good’ AI systems for all our benefit.


Event Details
10. 20. 2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm