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Join us on zoom on October 21 for an ISA Class with Max Timm: A Dialogue About Dialogue – FREE TO ALL!

One of the most difficult elements of the storytelling process – in both the creative development side and the educational side – is dialogue. Why? It’s difficult as an educator and consultant to truly teach someone how to write great dialogue. I can teach writers how to understand structure, practices that will help develop characters, and I feel confident I can break down how best to understand conceptualizing a story (hook, uniqueness, etc). But providing education on how to write dialogue is nearly impossible because it isn’t something that falls within any kind of template or formula…nor is it supposed to. Dialogue is completely relative to a number of things; personal voice, genre, character flaw and intentions, and even structure because structure is what propels the development of a character…and the development of a character is what evolves how a character reacts to the situations she finds herself in. Even just typing that is a handful and difficult to digest. So this class is going to talk about the nuances of dialogue, and how/when dialogue works and doesn’t work. Be ready to expand the brain a bit – it will be a little of a brain teaser, but brain teasing can be healthy.

We will spend plenty of time on Q&A during this class, so please feel free to ask any questions at any time as Max intends to get to and through all of them.

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10. 21. 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm