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(Virtual Event) The Next Evolution of Automotive & Transportation

The automotive and transportation industries have been using immersive technologies to help with sales, training across all aspects, product design, servicing, and more.
Augmented reality can be used to provide reference materials to better understand the specs and parts of the vehicle and how they can be installed and maintained. AR reference materials can also be used by salespeople to quickly learn and talk about the details the consumer is inquiring about. AR can also provide general technical support, providing engineers and mechanics with real-time remote assistance. Engineers can also use augmented reality to virtually and visually install components into existing designs to understand how components can fit together.
Virtual reality can be used for test simulating vehicles in all types of environments and weather. Mechanics and machinists can use VR simulators to provide ‘hands on’ assembly time rather than learning by observing. Immersive technologies can provide ways to more easily customize automotive configurations. Virtual showrooms and prototyping allow for a lower cost and risk as well as world-wide collaboration possibilities. Simulators are being used in driving schools prior to new drivers getting on the road. VR can even assist manufacturers understand and redesign their entire assembly line to improve workflow.
Join us May 4th for The Next Evolution of Automotive and Transportation where industry experts will discuss how immersive technologies are being used today and shaping the future.

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Event Details
05. 04. 2022
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm