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November 14th is the 3rd Midwest Music Expo, a Music Business conference started by Martin Atkins in partnership with Goss Advertising and his students at Millikin University in 2019 as an in-person event which pivoted to a virtual conference in May. This will be the world’s first Scratch and Sniff conference with a hand-screened signed and numbered card so you can smell along with the informative panels throughout the day. Featuring Michael Anthony Alago who signed Metallica at the age of 23 and Wendy Day, the Queen of Hip-Hop on making more money,  Trey Elder from Quietpterodactyl who created the Situationchicago compilation to benefit independent venues, Add-2 on mentorship, Shawna Potter of War on Women, Ace Piva at OverTheBridge, and Gaelynn Lea looking at different angles of handling Human Resources in our industry, Eddie Sanders in conversation with Martin Atkins on Building your team, Kevin Guarnieri, Grey Taxon, Audrey Martinovich, and Nicky Darko on studio life in a pandemic and more. The event is in conjunction with the Indie Week conference in Toronto and the Center for Creative Entrepreneurship here in Chicago.  The early bird souvenir cards (inspired by filmmaker John Waters) are $15 but 30% off with code CCEROCKS. Order today and they’ll ship tomorrow! Sign up for the conference HERE!
“The last thing the music business needs is something else to sniff,” said Martin referring no doubt to his time coming up in the 80’s  “My last 6 months has been all about pushing the envelope and inspiring people who may feel frozen in fear and anxiety right now to show them that innovation is still possible and it’s our jobs as creators to inspire, and make change.”
“Scratch and Sniff isn’t just a random world’s first thing,” says Martin, “the underlying message of this conference is creativity, entrepreneurship, pivoting, and adapting and we’ll be talking about the power of stories to connect and the value of the olfactory system within our memory banks to enhance that. Plus it’s cool AF.”
MmX - Midwest Music Expo - All-Dayer | Online Event | Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020
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11. 14. 2020
11:00 am - 7:00 pm