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Global Industry Spotlight – Diego Pinzon

Global Industry Spotlight is a conversational series focused on providing resources and insight for the creative entrepreneur.

DAWn Audio exists because the creation process for musicians and artists today is broken. The team has developed a new category of software that enables artists anywhere in the world to plug-in and co-create real-time with their favorite production tools. Rather than build a new tool for artists, DAWn Audio’s web-app bridges compatibility with the existing tools artists use and love today.

A New Orleans based startup, DAWn Audio’s mission is simple: to promote artists creativity. We envision a world in which a global community of co-creators finds a common home to further share the passion that already drives the music industry. Our technology is the foundation to making DAWn Audio that home.


Event Details
10. 13. 2022
12:00 pm - 12:00 pm