(WEBINAR) Why the World Needs Entrepreneurs with Techstars co-founder David Cohen

The world needs entrepreneurs more than ever and David Cohen and a few startup founders are going to tell us why. This series brings together seasoned entrepreneurs, global startup leaders, and experts from Comcast NBCUniversal's network to provide founders with practical advice and original solutions to the challenges they now face. As co-founder of Techstars - a global network of more than 2,000 startups and the largest, most active seed stage investor in the world - David Cohen has advised and guided […]



Join students in the University of Chicago Law School’s Innovation Clinic and its director, Assistant Clinical Professor Emily Underwood, to learn about basic intellectual property considerations relevant to startups. We will discuss the various types of intellectual property that a startup should be aware of, how to ensure that the startup has all rights in its own intellectual property, and some best practices for protecting intellectual property going forward. This will also include a detailed discussion of non-disclosure or confidentiality […]



In this session, we’ll learn and practice the power of listening to build strong connections quickly. We describe great listeners as people we admire, like, trust and enjoy working with. But how do they listen differently from how others listen? The don’t just listen actively, they listen empathically! To listen empathically involves not only hearing what someone says (and being able to recreate it), but paying attention to what’s not being said. For example, paying attention to how people are behaving, to […]


(WEBINAR) Corporate Finance Structure: Debt Financing

mHub 965 W Chicago Ave, Chicago

Corporate Finance Structure: Debt Financing REGISTER HERE Join this discussion about what it means to borrow money from a bank in order to start, grow or expand your business in this class led by Javier Placencia of Wintrust. Learn what it takes to prepare a loan package, how your request will be evaluated by a commercial lender, and what is expected from your business and you as an owner in terms of repayment. How will your credit history play into […]


(WEBINAR) Quick Pitches

Quick Pitches are a forum for those with business ideas to pitch to their peers, get immediate feedback, and ask for any help they might need. Pitches are short (1 minute) and should be focused on the idea and entrepreneurs’ needs. Every presenter walks away with feedback, suggestions from the audience, and offers to help. This is a great opportunity to practice your pitch and find new teammates before exploring other Polsky Center programs. Register Here:


(WEBINAR) MMX Weekly Presents: Audrey Martinovich on Running and Owning a Studio

MMX Weekly Presents: Audrey Martinovich on Running and Owning a Studio Register Here: Our Story Bringing people together who do it, get it, and aren’t afraid to share it. Central Illinois has given us REO Speedwagon, Alison Krauss, John Doe from the band X, the Godfather of street art – Ron English, the Bears, Caterpillar, the Horseshoe sandwich, and Abe Lincoln. We say the opportunity is here where a hard work, no-nonsense, get-things-done mentality will always triumph. We formalized our geographic position at the center of Illinois […]


(WEBINAR) Film PR & Marketing 101

ARE YOU THINKING LIKE A MARKETER? Join the Chicago Film Office and national film publicist Danielle Garnier for a FREE virtual indie film publicity workshop: Learn to craft your film's personal vision & message Learn the tools needed to start publicizing your film Learn the difference between marketing, publicity & advertising Learn mistakes that filmmakers often make, and how to avoid them when publicizing your film And so much more! Ultimately, we'll dive into a broader conversation about sustainability and […]

(WEBINAR) What You Need to Know About Your Business & Taxes

What You Need to Know About Your Business & Taxes Presented by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Ladder Up This workshop will answer important tax questions for your business including: Are you required to file a tax return? Is your worker an independent contractor or an employee? What will the IRS request during an audit? Are you required to make estimated tax payments? What resources does the IRS have for small business owners? Register for the Wendesday, 7/8 Webinar.


(WEBINAR) Virtual and Augmented Reality in Legal

Covid-19 may be forcing us to change the way we meet, but it won’t stop us from bringing you content and industry experience. We will most likely be hosting July’s event in Virtual Reality again. Unfortunately, that means we won’t be able to provide live demonstrations, but for those of you that have a VR headset you get to join us in VR. For those that don’t, you can join us in 2D on your PC or by watching the […]


(WEBINAR) Market Research Workshop

In a world of information overload, it can be hard to know where to start beyond “Googling it.”  Secondary market research enables you to leverage market information that’s already compiled for you, which supplements what you learn in your primary market research. This workshop will introduce key resources and strategies for secondary market research, such as government agencies, newspapers, trade publications, and commercial industry reports. These resources can be used to help define your target market, competition, and add context […]